Nowadays the kitchen is the most popular room in the house and the center of your home life. In the old-planned houses the kitchens were separated from the other part of the house by the walls and the door. In the new buildings and renovated old houses kitchen can be the extension of the living-room. Since the kitchen is always in the center of attention, its decoration is the important part of interior.
Some people design it as a separated area, the others make it harmonize with the adjacent rooms. Blue, yellow, scarlet and bright green are usually used as basic colors for kitchens in France and Tuscany. Paperhanging is in in America.

Kitchen appliance producers admit, that their wares are the most important visual element of every kitchen. Instead of deciding between white and black, they offer a great variety of colors, from shimmering stainless steel to standard white. You can choose fridges and stove, which will blend with your kitchen furniture.

Don’t be afraid of hanging decorations on your kitchen walls. Family pictures or collections of rare knives will bring identity and warmth to your kitchen.

While reconstructing your kitchen, you should view all sides of a question. First of all, you need a well thought-out detailed plan, which must be developed with all the aspects taken into account. Then you should decide, if you want to design everything yourself, or it would be better to engage a designer. While planning your kitchen design, you must also consider the modern trends of the optimal use of space.