Modern living room is not just the heart of the whole house or apartment. It is also the main room, where the house owners usually gather with their guests and friends for the holidays and weekends. It is so pleasant to sit in the cozy living room even in the workday evening.

Living room decorating

If you can’t manage to choose the design of your living room, but you want to make it unforgettable, bright and unusual, you should consult the professional designers. The design of public and open living room must be perfect. This room must be the decent “face” of your house or apartment. The lighting can radically change the design of the kitchen, living room and other rooms of the house. The illuminated sliding-door wardrobes can create the stylish lighting of the hall zone or the working area in the kitchen, changing it completely. The fireplace is another beautiful and fashionable element of interior, improving it and adding comfort and coziness. The design of living rooms and kitchens, whose photos you can find in Internet and print media, can be realized with the help of some methods. The designers often use the following method: they relatively divide the living room into two or more zones. In one zone you can receive guests, and in the other one- rest.

The zoning of bedroom

It’s not difficult to make a division. The illumination and furniture, arranged in a certain way, different color score, can help to create an original design of living rooms. If there is a dining area in the living room, it can be emphasize with different shades of red, golden, yellow and orange. These colors usually make the room warm and cozy, help to create a relaxing atmosphere at table and good mood. You can do without illumination in this zone. The small fashionable lamp-shade or chandelier can act as a source of light. The designers advise to use blue, green and dark blue shades in the recreation zone, as they help to relax after a hard workday. You can use the sconces or wall lamps as the light sources in the recreation zone. These kinds of lamps make the atmosphere more intimate. And the light of floor lamp promotes the comfortable rest and quiet pleasant talk.

Thinking over the living room design, consider the opinions of your family members. If you realize their wishes, your living room will turn into the favorite place of family pastime.