US forces are engaged in military campaigns all over the world and they are constantly in need of recruits. Commercials promise young people career growth and financial stability at the end of life. However, after returning home, many of them can not rebuild their lives and are often homeless. President has repeatedly promised to solve the problem of housing for veterans. The last promises of the administration – to provide housing for every veteran to the end of 2017. However, while the former military men have no choice but to rely on the assistance of charitable organizations.

American soldiers protect the civilian population of the United States, stand on the guard of national interests, fighting in distant lands, so that then to return home and, as often happens, to be without a roof over their head.

A former marine turned out on the street many years ago, when he could not pay more for a house – his pension is not enough. Shortly thereafter, his wife and children left him.

The former officer is fighting today – only today for survival on the streets.

“I survived because I well know the neighborhood and I can take care of myself. Here around garbage cans and restaurants “- says a veteran of the US Armed Forces Berry.

Last year in the United States, there were 50 thousand homeless veterans.

President assured that he would keep his promise: “We will make efforts until every veteran who fought for the country, will have his place in America that he can call home.”

However, veterans are still on the streets. Many of those who fought in Afghanistan, Iraq and even Vietnam upon return can not rebuild their lives.

“Many previously served have health and mental problems, as well as alcohol and drug addiction. We should treat our veterans with special respect, that they may see that their birthplace is grateful for their service, “- says the chairman of the organization Homeless Trust Ron Buck.

Homeless Trust – is the largest organization in Florida that assists homeless. Across the country run a lot of similar institutions – public and private. The problem they all have is the same, but they have different methods.

In different cities of the United States homeless veterans are invited to a special meeting so that charities took these people under their protection – begin to look for jobs and temporary housing until they get on their feet. But in order to meet the number of homeless ex-soldiers, it is not necessarily to come to special events. They can be seen in the center of almost any American city.

For example, in the city of Miami luxury hotels, expensive real estate and vibrant business centers are all around. At lunch in the luxurious restaurants powers are discussing big deals. And it is here, in a turbulent maelstrom of city life, social workers who are trying to help the homeless, have most of all worries.

Every day the streets of Miami are patrolled by more than 20 groups of so-called green T-shirts. Solving of the problem of homeless veterans is for many years on the list of national priorities of America. Administration has promised to provide each veteran with housing by the end of this year, but there is still a lot of work.