Towel is an indispensable thing in every home, part of luxury, comfort and even style. Without the towel it is difficult to do on the road, on the beach, in the bath or sauna. In addition, the towels are a universal gift, be it a wedding or any other celebration. And if it is a good quality towel, the surprise will be doubly pleased. Of course, the towels that are used in the house must fully comply with all requirements of the household. Those ones include nice design, excellent quality, softness, appropriate size and the ability to quickly absorb moisture.

Not everyone knows that the birthplace of the first bath towels is Turkey, where its item, without which we cannot imagine our daily life, has been used several centuries ago. Provenance of terry towels is associated with the culture of visiting the baths. Bath has always been a very important attribute Turkish life. Terry towels have acquired habitual to us form and become a mass produced since the 18th century. It is known that the first workshops for the production of terry towels were opened in Bursa (Turkey). Over time, the technology has spread to other countries, including Europe. But even today the Turkish towels are the highest quality, but their modern designs will bring you true aesthetic pleasure.

Today, the textile sector in Turkey has a leading role in the economy, the government actively supports and promotes the industry, thereby increasing every year equipment factories, production is becoming more high-tech.

Turkish towels can be divided according to their purpose in the bath, kitchen, beach, massage, wedding, towels for hands and feet, children, towels for babies and others. By the weaving method towels are divided into terry, waffle, jacquard, velur, bamboo fibers, and special weave towels – peshtemal.

Today, Turkish towels are recognized worldwide for its high quality. While in Turkey, you can buy a cotton hand towel now for about 20-40 TL per share, in the European countries, the price will double, and in the United States – four times more.

  1. Never buy a towel in the markets and small markets – processing quality of raw materials plays an important role in this case. Get the towel in specialized stores, shopping centers or retail stores, textile mills.
  2. Towel cloth should be evenly dyed, have no outside odors of chemicals and do not leave a waxy or greasy taints on hands. Towels should not leave fibres.
  3. Pay attention to the composition of the product. Most towels are marked – 100% cotton (pamuk) or 100% bamboo (bamboo). But be careful! There may be other special notes, for example, 100% cotton (M) –it is the addition of synthetic fibers; (PK) – means that polycotton is added. In order to determine whether there is a part of synthetics in the Turkish towel, some water should be poured onto the smooth surface. Wipe it with a towel – if stains remain strong, it means that there are synthetics in it.