The houses are different – high-rise and one-storied, large and small in area, urban, rural and country houses. But regardless of their size, they should look good both from the outside and inside.
Recently, houses from ecologically clean materials are getting more popular:

  • Stone;
  • A wooden beam;
  • Forest logging.

Such materials are unpretentious in maintenance and the most important thing is that they keep heat well and do not require large expenses for heating.

Developers increasingly use the layouts of two-storied houses for the arrangement of suburban land areas. Buildings of this type can be considered as a golden mean in terms of dimensions, useful areas, type of placement the rooms in the building. Buildings with two floors are considered as classic ones. They assume the traditional type of accommodation facilities with the organization of kitchens and common rooms on the first floor, bedrooms and bathrooms – on the second floor.

The construction of a cottage with two floors has the following advantages:

  •  Economy of the area of the territory – this issue is especially relevant among owners of small land areas. Thanks to space saving, it becomes possible to install additional facilities for household purposes (a shed for storing firewood, a carport for cars) or for recreation (pavilion, canopy, sauna, summer kitchen, to organize a place with benches and flower beds);
  • Wide opportunities for design solutions affecting the exterior. Using the services of professional designers or architects, you can build an interesting Two Storey House Design With Floor Plan In The Philippines, complete the design of the entire house and garden in the same style or use the same materials;
  • Possibility to diversify the facade and architecture of the cottage with beautiful balconies (as a material for handrails you can use natural stone, wood decorated with carvings, durable glass, metal, supplemented with artistic forging, or apply combinations of these materials);
  • There are more possibilities as for interior design, their decorative improvement.

Designers recommend using special techniques for visual division of space:

  • Installation of a bar rack;
  • A certain placement of the furniture in the kitchen, as a result of which the kitchen hood with the protruding structure will play the role of a separator;
  • Installation of a floor covering of different type. For example, a tile made of stone or Dutch tile will be appropriate for kitchen, and it is better to cover a floor with laminate in the living room;
  • The use of unusual color solutions when decorating the walls. In addition to this, colors can also be duplicated on the floor.

In this case, the delimiting element is the cupboard, partially separating the space of the dining room and the kitchen from the living room. It is better if the pieces of furniture have the same or similar color. This will allow you to avoid mistakes in interior design in the living room, kitchen and dining room. You can use accessories to focus on certain areas of the room or individual objects.