Which object is the most important in the kitchen? It turns out to be a kitchen sink. After all, we spend 60 % of working time with it. It means that the choice of kitchen sink must be well-thought-out. All wishes, details and nuances must be taken into consideration.
Apart from its technological opportunities, it must blend perfectly with the interior and be its sequential, or, on the contrary, place emphasis on its background.

There is a wide range of kitchen sinks on sale. So how must we make it out, and choose the most acceptable option, that combines reasonable price, high quality and functionality? If you’ll achieve this result, your kitchen sink will serve you well for a long time.

The functions of kitchen sink go behind the banal dishwashing, especially as the modern housewives have the dishwashers in their kitchens.

Well-chosen kitchen sink can wash fruits vegetables, rinse working accessories, unfreeze meat and fish, leak excess liquid from the prepared dishes, wash and dry non-standard dishes, and fulfill a lot of other task about the kitchen easily.

Apart from standard forms, the modern kitchen sinks can have fancy curves and geometrical patterns, which can satisfy the most daring technical solutions. They are fit out with one, two or three bowls, one or two wings, automatic valve, water overflowing hole and garbage grinder. There is also a possibility to equip modern kitchen sinks with an additional tap of filtered water, fruit baskets, chopping boards, and even burners.