Patio in the country-house or in the backyard: variants, design and phantasy

The hot sunny Mediterranean includes narrow stone streets, hot air, tropical plants and the corner of shady bliss, veiled from the eyes of the world behind the high walls of the house. The Italian yard-patio was created with special love. It was the comfortable place for the family rest. Probably that’s why today, equipping the garden-plot, a lot of gardeners reproduce a piece of Mediterranean style in their gardens.

Patio in the country-house or garden becomes more and more popular, and its arrangement allows the plot owners to plunge into the romantic atmosphere of Mediterranean. Let’s see how you can apply the idea of creating patio in the modern landscape design.

Patio: for the good of your soul

If the patio is walled or restrained with beautiful rails, you can place the fireplace or outdoor stove on the site. It this case, it will be comfortable to spend time in this area even in the cool summer evenings.

The main patio constructions are decorated with flower compositions. In addition, you can build the elevated flower-pots along the edge of the site. The choice of plants depends on the general style or design of patio. To decorate dull stone walls, you can use the plants with bright yellow and red flowers. If you wish, you can with use ornamental flowerpots with different ampelous plants to decorate the walls.

The garden furniture represents the touch-up of patio decoration. An excellent option is the articles of natural wood. In this case, the “picture” of patio will be organically completed and peaceful. Perhaps, the most important patio furniture is the table with chairs or bench, as there is no better dining place in the garden, than the well-designed patio. The patio furniture set can be completed with swing, rocking chairs, upholstered sofas, hammocks and other furniture for your comfort.

As you see, patio in the country-house or garden can be made with your own hands. Of course, there is only one option of patio decoration in this article. So, you can easily experiment with the materials and variants of decoration. Patio can be situated both on rising ground and on the level ground or in the cavity. The floor surface of the patio can be made of stone or wood. But there is also a possibility to leave the ground, just condensing it or covering it with road metal. You can even make a patio on the grass.

Try and experiment to get the cozy nook for pleasant pastime.