Special furniture for garden (street) – it’s not just chairs, benches and umbrellas. Collection may include dinner groups of solid wood or rattan, covered sofas, wicker deck chairs, rocking chairs, benches, and even four-poster beds, as well as tents and canopies, cushions and bedspreads.


Wicker furniture

Wicker furniture is warm, “light”, creates an atmosphere of relaxed outdoor recreation. Wicker furniture is made of willow and vines, or of the more expensive rattan – vine palm native to Southeast Asia. From there comes to us ready-made wicker furniture from natural rattan. Furniture from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, China differs completely by handmade and traditional design elements with colonial style. Similar wicker furniture from rattan, but produced in Europe is more expensive. It is not made entirely by hands, but using special equipment. The design can be very different, including the fashionable trend, some futuristic.

In addition, Europeans actively use artificial “analog” of vine and rattan (furniture is made from synthetic fibers), which give more freedom in design and are not afraid of street conditions – neither heat, no water, no temperature changes. In any case, wicker furniture combines perfectly with the design of the garden and country house. Even natural rattan possess valuable properties such as resistance to moisture. The only “contra” – is the scorching rays of the sun, because of what the rattan furniture is better not to leave for a long time on the street. Finally, for lovers of true home comfort in the open air are offered combined options: soft groups – sofas and chairs under a canopy woven. Fabrics with which is constricted furniture look and feel like a normal upholstery textiles, but in fact it is “all-weather” robust fabric which do not absorb moisture, do not fade in the sun.

Wooden garden furniture

Wood is widely used to create furniture for garden. Array is combined with forged elements and other materials. Wood is known to be natural, naughty material, so garden furniture is made as a rule from hardwood, often exotic, such as teak, iroko. Tropical timber is less prone to warping, it contains natural oils that protect against rot, mildew and wood beetles. In addition, to extend the life of wooden furniture and wooden houses there is a whole arsenal of tools: impregnation against moisture, UV-borer beetles. They serve a decorative function, can achieve a variety of shades of wood.