Creating the interior design of the living-room, it is necessary to take into account the wishes of all family members. The living-room is the place where the whole family gets together. That’s why it is very important that everybody feels comfortable.

Before starting to design the future living-room, it is necessary to determine its functions.

Zoning of the living-room

Zoning of the living-room depends on its functions. For example, in one-room flat, the living room acts as bedroom, kid’s room, study, dining-room and a room for guests’ reception. According to your needs, the living-room must be divided into separate zones.
If you live in the one-room flat, plan the recreation zone very carefully. After all, the living-room will serve both as the room for guests’ reception, and as the bedroom. It’s important to choose the suitable sofa. It must be compact when assembled, but quite spacious when disassembled.

If the space allows, you might separate the different zones. Use the screen or double-sided shelf for this purpose.

The furniture in living-room interior

The furniture in living-room interior must be located so that you can comfortably move around the room. Not to carry the sofas and the cabinets from place to place, plan the future location of the furniture beforehand.

The lighting in living-room interior

There must be several light sources in the in living-room interior. The ceiling light must be bright enough. The room must be also equipped with several additional light sources. It will create romantic and comfortable atmosphere in the room. Use the floor lamp or sconce as the source of bright directional light, and the beautiful standard or table lamp to create the evening dim light.

Textile in the interior design of the living-room

Textile is a very important detail of interior design. It adds completeness and comfort to the room interior. The textile must not only go well together, but also match the color score of interior. It can combine the whole range of colors, adding the new tints. Bright curtains, soft cushions, beautiful plaid- all these things can be real works of art. Such articles create the individual style of accommodation.