The decoration of baby’s room can simple or complicated. The main rule is an opportunity to change everything fast and at a very low cost. After all, the children grow so quickly!

The key rule of the baby’s room decoration is the qualitative, eco-friendly and long-lasting finishing material.

So, it is reasonable to invest in a good noise insulation of the walls, floor and (if necessary) ceiling. The qualitative natural floor and ceiling covering is also very important.

Decorate the walls in the kids’ room

The walls must be qualitative. The wall finishing must endure the pressing of the soft-tip pen and the prints of the schoolbag. The perfect option of the wall finishing is the painting. To level the walls, paste a special paper base for painting. And if you want to get the textured walls, use the textured wallpaper for painting.

Choose the neutral paint color so that you can easily match the colors of accessories, textile and furniture. You must keep the information about this particular paint: the manufacturer, trademark and number of color. Most probably, in a couple of years, you’ll have to tint the walls in some places. It means that you’ll have to buy paint. But you don’t want to repaint the whole room, do you?
After creating a perfect background for baby’s room, you can start to decorate it.

There are some ideas of kids’ room decorating:

1. Hang the posters with the child’s favorite cartoon characters. It’s the cheapest and the most mobile option of baby’s room decoration.

2. Paste the stickers. It’s the simplest and the most efficient way to transform the kids’ room. There are firms, specialized in such stickers. They have various themes, but the most of stickers are intended for the children. The qualitative stickers are removed without leaving traces and breaks on the wall surface.

3. Photo wallpaper is another way to change the kids’ room. The main rule you should observe choosing the photo wallpaper- don’t overdo its color and total area. It is better if it occupies no more than 25% -30% of the total area of the walls.
The wall painting in the baby’s room is the classic. But this variant of decoration requires a bit more efforts and financial investments.

4. The decorating with the objects, associated with the main child’s hobby. You can devote the kid’s room to one theme, depending on the child’s interests. There is just one snag to it. The hobbies must be not short-term, but really favorite.

5. Another fashionable way of kids’ room decoration is the use of volume letters. You can make the words out of these letters, for example the child’s name. Or else, you can hang a funny volume alphabet on the wall.