The changing table mattresses are the quite useful accessories and a great help for the mothers. At first glance, the mattress itself is very simple, but its use allows achieving the maximal comfort by the child’s care.
The changing table mattress is a soft article with a specialized coating. It is handy for the child’s swaddling and performance of cosmetic treatments. This article fits best for the smallest babies.

The size of mattress

The size of mattress depends on the place where you’ll swaddle your baby. There are different options, depending on specific living conditions. The best choice is the changing table or dresser in the child’s room. But it happens that people swaddle their babies in the bathroom or on the washing machine. It doesn’t matter.

The main thing is that the mattress matches the piece of furniture it is laid on. But it’s unadvisable to buy the mattress less than 60 cm long, as it isn’t easy-to-use. There are also special beddings for changing the newborn’s clothes. They are smaller than the mattress for the changing table.

Which mattress to choose?

It is clear that the mattress must be easy, non-skid, comfortable for the child and easy to care. It is desirable that the mattress has the protective sides. But it’s not easy to find a perfect mattress. It is known that something can be poured or spilled from the diapers to the mattress. Something rather easily soiled. So, you need an easily cleaned and 100 % impermeable mattress.

The mattress is made of standard materials. It is usually filled with synthetic winterizer, folded in several layers and sewn in the certain lines.

Every mattress is covered with the protective case made of cotton or oil-cloth. For practical reasons, the new mums choose the mattress covered with oil-cloth, as it is waterproof and easily washed. It is cool and comfortable to lie on. The mattress covered with cotton is smoother to the touch. But it is very difficult to wash. After all, it gets dirty every day.

However, there is an intermediate option between synthetic and natural changing table mattress. Both you and your child will like it. It’s the mattress of mixed fibers, which is easily washed and smooth to the touch.