All the best- to the children! The happy parents use this motto creating the design of the boy’s room. Every parent tries to provide the comfortable living conditions for their child. That’s why we arrange his own room, his secluded world, full of serenity and joy.

The traditional approach to the design of boy’s room in blue won’t give the child the field for imagination and creative thinking. Fortunately, today we design the child’s room to his own taste.

We offer you to look at the selection of the most original and modern theme solutions for the boy’s room.

Car theme

If your son imagines himself a first-class racer, and his toy collection numbers tens of cars, put of your doubts! Design the child’s room in style of speedway or garage for sports cars. For this purpose, you’ll require the wallpaper with theme picture, black-and-white flags, and, of course, the bed in the form of a car.

Sports theme

If the child doesn’t show interest to some particular sport, he will like the room design with various sports equipment. The children of preschool and primary school age need a constant movement. Hang a basketball hoop or place a small football goal and you’ll be surprised at how enthusiastically your son will throw the ball.

And if your boy is interested in some certain sport, there is no better than the theme room with the posters of his idols and sports attributes.

Room decoration in style “the world around us”

From an early age, the boys show active interest in different natural phenomena, flora and fauna. If your little son is very curious about insects, birds and animals, cover the walls with photo wallpaper, place the lamp in the form of beetle or bird on the table, and cover the floor with a carpet in the imitation of grass. In this way, you can tell your child about the world around and bring up a child to respect every living thing.

Exotic theme

The child’s room in style of jungle or safari is the simplest way to decorate the boy’s room. All you need is a colorful wallpaper with the picture of exotic plants and animals, soft toys, striped bedding (or with the pictures of animals) and theme accessories (for example, binoculars).