Knives Victorinox is the highest Swiss quality, durability, comfort, unrivaled design, functionality, durability and reliability. No wonder Victorinox knives are often called “the best ones”. After all, 130 years of Viktorinox knives existence have become the standard. They were the most reliable, experienced at all kinds of extreme conditions. Moreover, Victorinox Swiss Army knife is an integral part in NASA expeditions. On the other hand it can be bought anywhere in the world.

Victorinox company was founded in Switzerland in 1884 by Carl Elzener. At that time Elzener took only knives for repairs. However, after 5 years, in 1889 an association of artists of 25 people was established. Since then manufacture of high-quality Swiss blades has begun. Already since 1891 Victorinox knives have been supplied exclusively for the Swiss army, hence their names as “Army”, “Officer” or “Soldier”. Then army knife with a wooden handle had only one large blade, can opener, screwdriver and an awl. Carl Elzener has not stopped at that and continued to create folding knives with different numbers of instruments. Therefore, depending on the function, there were designed Cadet, Student and Farmer knives. After that, in 1897 Officer was patented, which brought to Charles fame and success. Unlike the Army knife, Officer was much smaller and lighter, and instead of a wooden handle there was a fiber one. Plus, it contains a small blade and a corkscrew. And to deal with competitors in some time Elzener added to the officer’s knife wood saw with the tree scissors.

Swiss Viktorinox knives are made from high quality materials. Each separate tool is made of stainless steel. During the production chromium, carbon, manganese, molybdenum and silicon are added. Then the unique technology of hardening takes place. As a result, depending on the purpose each element has particular hardness, in other words steel grade. For example, the hardness of each blade is RC 56. All the Viktorinox knives tools are equipped with unique springs, due to which it is easy to sort and stack. At the same time, they are firmly fixed in the open and closed position. Also the light weight of each blade is worth noting, which is achieved through the internal linings of the unique aluminum alloy. But the handle is covered with plates of special high-strength plastic, aluminum, etc. The material is shock-proof to damage, small abrasions and does not slip in the hand.

The company surprised its customers by a variety of models. For your attention experts have prepared 350 models and 800 instruments.
Today, Victorinox is the biggest European knives production company. All blades are tested. Their logo is recognizable all over the world – a white cross on red shield. It is the state symbol of Switzerland.