There are two types of aquariums that can be set into the wall: overhead and built. First are mounted directly on the wall. This method is suitable only for installing small-sized aquariums. But the built-in are mounted in a prepared niche in the wall that looks very impressive and allows you to create real artistic masterpieces in the interior of any style.

Advantages of tanks installed in the wall, are evident. First of all, they are original and incredibly compact. They do not need a free space and do not cause difficulties when installing.

However, built-in aquariums have drawbacks. Firstly, they present a certain difficulty in the selection of equipment, and secondly, the difficulty in maintenance. Furthermore, wall aquariums charge a premium, which is also a significant drawback.

For the wall aquarium it is necessary to take care of acquisition of special equipment in advance – filters, water heater, a special system for feeding fishes. Most modern wall aquariums are already sold in a complete set, so you will not have additional costs.

Built-in aquariums can be used as a decorative room decoration, but often they are used also as partitions between rooms. When installing such an aquarium you should remember that it should be placed at the level of the human eye. It is better to install on the wall, on which do not fall the sun’s rays. Fish should be chosen sedentary, small in size, it is best of a flat shape. The same principle should be followed when selecting plants for the aquarium. Better if it will be slow-growing, not sprawling plant.

An important condition for the installation of such an aquarium is the access to it at the top, which will allow to carry out a full feeding and caring for its inhabitants. If you decide to install the outboard tank, then this problem will go by itself, but when installing the embedded aquarium it is essential that niche was slightly above the aquarium.

Expert advice will help you establish such an aquarium at home.

  • Check the wall for the presence of electrical wiring, fixtures. Make the layout in the planned location of the aquarium. In order to make the niche drill as many holes in this place, and then connect them, thus forming a hole.
  • Level the surface in a niche, make slopes.
  • Prepare the ground of sheet metal for the future aquarium, secure it in a niche.
  • Niche is ready, you can install an aquarium.

Installing such aquarium in one of the walls of your home, you get a delicious piece of paradise, which will give the room an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and relaxation.