Many new mums and dads ask themselves a question: “It is necessary to buy a changing table? And if so, which model to choose?”
The changing table is not an article of prime necessity in the house, where there is a child, as for example bed or pram, but it makes it much easier for a new mum to care for her child.

If you decided to buy the changing table, you should understand that its choice largely depends on the area of your child’s room.
Choosing the changing table, pay attention to the manufacturing material. This piece of furniture must be safe for children and easy to use.

In our time the modern stores of baby furniture and newborn products offer a wide choice of different changing tables.

The folding wall-mounted changing table

The folding wall-mounted changing table is excellent, modern and, above all, considered decision for the families, with small accommodations.

This kind of changing table is mounted on any wall in the room. In closed position, it resembles a small mounted cabinet. But once you pull the door leaf, as if by magic, appears the comfortable, safe and easy-to-use changing table for your baby.

There are some shelves for the storage of child’s cosmetics, spare nappies, diapers, and other necessary things inside the folding wall-mounted changing table.

Sometimes the wall-mounted changing table is located in the public lavatories and sanitary rooms. As a rule, such changing table is made of shock-resistant plastic with an in-built door closer. There is a double holder for disposable paper napkins inside the table. The seat belts are equipped with the snap locks.

The main features

The wall-mounted changing table is folding and space-saving. It represents a perfect place for the storage of toys, blankets and other articles.

Helpful information

Use different fastening element for different kinds of wall coverings. Choose the suitable fastening for your walls. Never leave your child unsupervised on the changing table.