Water cooler (water dispenser) – a household appliance designed for water supply and having a specific set of functions: cooling, heating, filtration, carbonation.

Floor water coolers

This is a classic version of the water cooler (water dispenser).
All models work in automatic mode. The color of the indicator on the front panel continuously informs about the operation mode of the cooler. If necessary, it is possible to disable the function of heating or cooling water. Disconnecting from the network is only recommended in case of prolonged break in usage.
Models are usually equipped with built-in cameras of ozonation (used for disinfection of dishes) or cold storage.
Floor models are generally more expensive than their desktop “little brothers.”

Desktop water coolers

A desktop water cooler (water dispenser) – is compact has the same qualitative characteristics of during heating and cooling of bottled drinking water, as the outdoor dispenser. By purchasing a desktop water cooler, think in advance about the table that will serve as a support for the device. Because, as a rule, table cooler is mounted on a table or other similar surface.
Convenient for homes and small buildings.

Structure of water cooler with heating and cooling function

Water is cooled to a particular temperature and is maintained within a certain range (5 – 13 degrees Celsius).
In water cooler is used one of the two types of cooling – compressor or electronic.
In some models of coolers the user can adjust temperature cooling water.

Water heating

Water is heated with TAN to a particular temperature and through the thermodes is supported within a certain range (86 – 96 degrees Celsius). The water is not boiling, thus preserving the many useful properties of water
Hot water tap may have a scald safe device .

Water aerating

Chilled water is carbonated with a special unit, which has a replaceable cartridge, or tank. In some models of the water cooler the user can adjust degree of carbonation.

Water Filtration

Before the receipt into the tanks water passes through several stages of purification (mechanical cleaning, impurities, etc.). Replacement filters are mounted inside the housing of the cooler. The quality of water at the outlet may not be inferior to the quality of bottled water.
Additional options for the water cooler: built-in cupboards or fridge, holder plastic cups, etc.