Good bedding is not easy to choose. However, do not rush to buy the first liked set of bed, first try to find out a little more about bedding.


It all depends on the country. Set of bed for everyday use – is, as a rule, a sheet, a duvet cover and two pillowcases. But depending on the country of origin set structure, and the size of objects may vary. For example, there are European, American and domestic standards. All information about the size and composition of the set is usually indicated on the package.


Modern design. Duvet covers with a hole in the middle is almost impossible to find today. Most often they are made as a pocket with a slot along the length or width. The slot can be opened with zipper or buttons, be fastened of textiles ribbons. The sheet can be traditional or tension, single cut or with a seam. Pillowcases are square and rectangular, buckle can be in the form of buttons, zippers, or valve-odor.

Quality of products

Examine stitches. If possible, open the box and look closely at the seams. Bedding should be stitched sewing seam. Threads should be ideally suited in tone to be uniformly twisted and strong. On the fabric should not be open sections: they will disperse after a couple of washes. Even processing of sections with overlock not make bedding more durable. It is desirable that the objects in the set had no joints and stitches in the middle – this bedding is more durable and comfortable to sleep on it.

Selection of fabric

Bedding sets can be made from both natural and blended fabrics. The main requirement to the material: it should be pleasant to the touch and hygroscopic. There is a classification of fabrics for bed linen according to the type of raw materials (cotton, linen, silk, viscose) and by the method of weaving (batiste, calico, calico, satin). Many people think that the words “calico” always means “cotton”. In reality, calico weaving may have, any, both natural and synthetic fabrics.

Note the density of the weave (number indicated on the package). Low density is considered to be 20-30 threads per 1 square. cm, very high – 130-280 strands. The denser the fabric, the longer is the underwear.

The best bedding is made from natural long-staple cotton (ideally – Egyptian). Other quickly lose juiciness of their colors, they formed “pellets” after washings in a mode of high temperatures.