Here are the main qualities of design of the most elite house:

The use of high-quality and environment-friendly finishing materials. Of course, most of them are expensive, but if you choose them, you don’t have to worry about the health of your house mates and the renovation in the next few years.

Convenience, comfort and practicality. Successful people are usually very busy. Therefore, they especially appreciate these qualities, as when they come home, they want to relax, feel the warmth of the hearth and spend a good time with their loved ones. It is possible to achieve maximum comfort with the optimal planning, maximally functional furniture and other elements of interior decoration.

Individuality. It must be everywhere. First of all, you must choose the style for the interior of the whole House Designs. In the pictures you can see the elite house that often have the same style. However, it doesn’t mean all rooms will be the same. Yes, they’re similar, but their decoration can differ in shades, prevailing textures and furniture.

Originality. Many believe that it’s the same as individuality, and there is some truth in it. However, originality also allows you to surprise and admire the interior. The design must be interesting, creative and bright. Therefore, you can and should use the boldest ideas, experiment and fantasize.

Functionality and compatibility of all elements of interior decoration. In the elite house, each thing has its own purpose. Even though it looks luxury and seems to be purely decorative, it’s not. Besides, all elements fit together, which is sometimes very difficult to achieve.

The planning must provide all the house residents with maximum comfort. The prestigious mansion will probably have more than one floor. In this case, it is better to place the bedrooms so that the residents can relax and sleep well at any time. You should place the bathroom on every floor to provide comfort. The common areas can be located at the first level: break rooms, living rooms and kitchen. On the ground floor you can place the gym, technical and utility rooms:

  • garage
  • storage room
  • laundry room
  • boiler room.

Pay attention to the zoning. You shouldn’t make it apparent, as it allows you to make the space of the House Designs Plans In Sri Lanka light and airy. Where possible, refuse from the doors and make the arched passages. You can also use colors and lighting for zoning.

To choose the style, many owners of the elite houses seek the professional help. The designer can really help you to choose the direction, taking into account all your wishes. However, you can do it yourself, if you know some important points.

Most often, the expensive houses are decorated in the discreet classic or luxury, and even a bit fussy style, as their owners are quite wealthy.