Bathroom is a place where begins and ends our day. At the morning we get up and use it for refreshing to finally wake up, and at the evening do all the rituals that help us to throw off the accumulated over the day severity. You can easily guess that the bathroom interior design plays a significant role in the rest of our future day.

First, you need to analyze the bathroom. Look closely and make conclusions, whether have you it little or large enough to host the interior and large plumbing? This is very important! If you, like most Russians, have small bathroom, you need to choose the color scheme and design of the bathroom in such way, that at least a little visually enlarge the space. For example, to make glossy ceiling, use small tile, put the mirrors, use bright colors as the main. All this things will allow you to enlarge the space visually. Well, if your bathroom has non-standard size, than consider how you could use the place!

Now you may think about the inner decoration of the bathroom. You will have to decide with family, what is more preferable for you – bath, which can be with shower, or shower cabin only. Both options have its pros and cons, so the only you can choose one solution.

Next you need to consider how you can place the sink, mirror, washing machine and other things, so that the design of the bathroom would be visible. Can you do stepwise approach to your bathroom, can you supply an unusual shell (for example, shell-aquarium), perhaps will you bet on subdued lighting and colors? Or will your bathroom even remind a tropical forest?

Of course, during planning of bathroom design you need not forget about safety precautions and about what the finishing materials you need to choose. The humidity in the room is always very high, and it is not excluded constant direct contact with water. So if you do not use special waterproof and water-repellent materials, it can end up disastrous. The main finishing material is ceramic tile, faience, plastic, etc. Of course, you can use other interesting materials, such as artificial stone, wood, water paint, etc. But their life is not so long.

Gallery of what you need to remember for bathroom design