Forget the things you knew about the CrossFit Games, as the world’s most intensive and exhausting sporting event is going to change every aspect of their activity — from the dates of competition to the conditions of participation. The goal is obviously to adjust to the increasing popularity and engagement in CrossFit. We’re witnessing the massive changes in the competition.

This news was reported by our colleagues at the Morning Chalk, broadly covering the upcoming developments.

“We intend to reorganize the corporation and the Games themselves and turn the competition into something more stable and assure the globalization of the Games,” Glassman explained to the press. “That’s the road to 150.000 branches and we’re really happy about it.”

Following are some of the main points:

  • 2019 will be very strange, to put it mildly: As usual, the Open and the Games will occur in February and August, accordingly, but they will be followed immediately by the new Open in October, which will start in October.
  • There are more than 160 nations with a licensed CrossFit branch, and each of them will choose the top sportsman and sportswoman, as well as a team to participate in the CrossFit Games. Besides, a lot of external competitions will get more teams and athletes for the Games, which suggests that about 350 sportsmen will participate in the competition.
  • Fans of FloElite will like the fact that 16 “external competitions” will turn into the official CrossFit-authorized events. Granite Games — broadcasted by FloElite in about one month— and Wodapalooza — broadcasted by FloElite next January — are two of the activities specifically mentioned in the Morning Chalk article as opportunities, together with the Dubai Fitness Championship.

These modifications are complete and fundamental, and it’s certainly going to take some time to not just process this news but see how that goes over the next year. No matter what happens, witnessing the development of this enterprise is great, and I’m not going to lie: We are just thrilled to see how it will turn out.