For storing various options of crypto currency, it is best to use hardware purses, which are by far the safest and most secure ones. You should take into account the fact that the crypto currency market is beginning to develop rapidly, because of the growing interest for different categories of people in this segment, you can more fully consider various models of hardware crypto currency wallets. After analyzing the information, it will be easier to make a choice which one is better used for their own purposes.


Where to buy and what is the cost?

Today Ledger and Trezor are the most well-known companies that work with crypto currencies on an industrial level. Some sources say that today the most  investors use the products of these companies, as the latter use a whole line of products to store Bitcoins.

If we talk about the company Trezor, then its hardware wallets are the most protected from hacker attacks and attacks from them themselves. The cost of purchasing one wallet will cost about $ 200, depending on the option. And if we compare the price of Bitcoin and compare it with the price of the wallet, then it turns out to be a quite acceptable proportion. At the same time, care must be taken and the product is purchased exclusively on the official resource of the company. Also a good option is to purchase from approved resellers, which are available in almost any major city in different countries.

Of course, many owners expected on a purse of lower cost and this kind of alternative exists. The fact is that you can create a hardware wallet yourself from a regular flash drive. The truth in this case is better to use two or more flash cards, so you can ensure maximum security.

Also, to store the crypto currency, an old phone with software or a paper purse is suitable, in this case it will be possible to ensure cold storage of Bitcoins. In this case, the owner of the crypto currency has the responsibility of writing data for recovery.

Which one of the hardware wallets should you choose?


It is worth to notice that the company Trezor has long been a manufacturer of hardware wallets, which have a high level of security. As already mentioned above, the lion’s share of investors use the products of this company. You can buy this product from official distributors at a price of $ 109. Wallets themselves are available in white and black colors, and they are also durable and waterproof. Also, it should be noted that there is a small display, which facilitates obtaining information and performing various operations.

Ledger Nano S

Such a purse can support a number of crypto currencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin  and others. They are also used by many investors. The peculiarity of this wallet is that it has a side button, with which you can confirm all kinds of transactions. Also, the device has a small display. This manufacturer also produces corporate purses, their value is $ 330 and they are called Blue.

Keep Key

This company is less known, in spite of this its product of rather high quality, which allows storing a very wide range of crypto  currencies. With their help, it is possible to make exchange of crypto currencies on exchanges, for which the technology Shapeshift is applied. These hardware wallets are not sold  in free sale, but are manufactured exclusively on pre-order. Their price is lower than the above competitors and is $ 129 USD.


This hardware purse has its own peculiarity, which is that it connects to a computer not via USB, but exclusively via Bluetooth. Visually, the product has a lot in common with a thin smart card, its price is at $ 100 USD.