The familiar problem to almost every motorist is how to protect an iron friend from adverse environmental factors. The action of precipitation, wind, aggressive dust, waste products of living creatures may adversely affect the car, so car owners have to seek a shelter for the vehicle. Construction of the stout garage is not always possible due to the lack of space, lack of funds; also it may require a lot of time and effort. Prefabricated car canopies can solve this important task of protecting the vehicle, and at the place where it is required.

From the capital garages any such canopies are stand out for its compactness – tent conveniently fits into a small box, and their low price makes them affordable to a wide circle of motorists, because both expensive SUV from a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation and inexpensive small car of domestic production need to be protected. In addition, the company – manufacturers guarantee product operation for a long time – at least 25 years, so a car owner, who once takes care of his iron friend, will get rid of the problems permanently.

Leading manufacturer of portable garage canopies for cars, boats and other equipment has noted an unexpected increase in sales against a worsening situation in the global economy and the continuing effects of global warming.

All this makes the buyers to invest in low-cost products that can protect their property from the weather and mechanical influences.
Protection of cars, boats and various equipment from temperature changes, rain, sun and wind becomes problematic against slowdown of building property.

The sharp increase in prices for building materials, labor, and property taxes made traditional building economically inefficient.
Car owners, tourists, owners of agricultural machinery, food products prefer portable canopies due to their quality, reliability, which can save them money and property.

Made of durable polyurethane material and a patented resistant to tearing tent canopies fire-proof, can be used in any climate, easy going, and strong enough to withstand strong winds, rain and snow, depending on the model chosen.

These high-quality automobile garages are mounted on galvanized steel pipes that are flexible and robust framework. Portable garages approach not only to cover different equipment, but also for storage of technical salt, sand and even can serve as a temporary shelter for pets, livestock and food storage.