In our time there are many kinds of engineering devices, helping both professionals and ordinary people to prepare tasty dishes. Nevertheless, the good old smokers don’t lose their popularity, because of the marvelous taste of smoked food.

First of all, the smokers differ in the kind of used fuel. So, there are wood, gas and electric smokers.

You can make the right choice of electric smoker only if you have a complete idea of their peculiarities, complete equipment, advantages and disadvantages. The correctness of choice depends on how well you understand you own desires.

How much food are you going to smoke? It’s not an idle question, as the modern market is full of different kinds of electric smokers. For example, there are ones intended for the conditions of restaurants and cafes; there also household options of stationary smokers, whose size equals the size of washing machine; and, finally, there are small-sized table smokers, which size almost equals the box of chocolates. They can hold a small slice of meat or a little fish.

Are you planning to make cold or hot smoking? If you’re going to treat fatty meat or fish, use the cold smoking. And if you prepare dry sorts of meat or fish, apply the hot one. The most of electric smokers are meant for hot smoking, but there are also modern models, keeping both cold and hot mode of operation.

Where are you planning to make smoking- at home or in the country? It is advisable to predetermine it, as the main nuance in the work of electric smokers is that it operates on electricity, so it is dependent on home electrical network. However, there are also models operated on car battery.

One of the main advantages of electric smokers is that you don’t need to control the process of smoking, as the control mechanisms do it themselves. The plainer models just maintain necessary temperature, while the more complicated ones provide different ways of smoking, giving a wide field for experiments with different products.