Window Treatments for the interior of Mediterranean style should contribute into the room light and movement. Such simple draperies are common in homes on the northern shores of the Mediterranean, especially in Tuscany in northern Italy. In room should penetrate as much natural light, but still rely and privacy respected.

Cotton or linen curtains

Uncomplicated square curtains of cotton or linen immediately create a simple rustic atmosphere in the interior of the Mediterranean home.
Usually curtains hung at 10 cm above the window opening, they end in a centimeter from the floor and go by 5 cm at the wall on both sides of the window. But to give the interior a simple and negligent Mediterranean-style curtains are often hung just inside the window opening.
It is appropriate to look a combination of different colors and fabrics. Rich shades of brown and red will give the room warmth. Bright shades of blue and green will bring in an interior color and drama.

Cotton – a great choice of fabric of curtains for rooms where there is a lot of people, as well as for the kitchen, where curtains are often contaminated, so they have to be washed regularly. Organza and silk are more suitable as a fabric for curtains in the bedroom or any other clean and sparsely populated areas.

Lace curtains

Lace curtains or cotton curtains trimmed with lace around the edges – a simple way to give Mediterranean interior flirty and frivolous look.
In any fabric store, you will find a huge selection of different lace curtains. You can also combine different fabric colors and styles to create unique window draperies. Alternatively, make double-layered curtains made of cotton and lace with them room will look more visually interesting.

Curtains with slotted embroidery

This traditional Tuscan embroidery matches the Mediterranean style, like no other fabric. Curtains decorated with slotted embroidery (slotted stitch, embroidery «Richelieu”) can be found in the store, sells draperies at the windows. This style combines the simplicity of modern lines and an old-fashioned embroidery.