Almost every citizen dreams about a comfortable getaway weekend in the countryside. And if the facade and the interior are all right, it is necessary to think about the transformation of the courtyard space. Currently, there are many ways of infield arrangement, the landscaping ideas are endless. But there are certain limitations, above all, by the nature, amount of available land for design and financial capability of the homeowner.

In this paper, we propose you to have a loo at the project of landscape design of private household. Perhaps this refined, attentive to details and elegant approach to the organization of the infield will be the inspiration for your achievements in the field of landscape design.
Getting to the development of the concept, which will be based on the design of the yard of a country house it is necessary, first of all, to take into account the style of the building. Also take note of finishing materials that have been used for surface treatment of the facade of the mansion. And, of course, take into account the peculiarities of the topography, soil composition, presence or absence of groundwater, slopes, depressions on the plot land.

Presented landscaping is simply saturated with the traditions of Eastern resettlement of street space techniques, but it does not lose its own identity. The clarity of lines, rationality and practicality are in harmony with the beauty of nature.

Straight paths of concrete and stone slabs do not only allow access to different parts of the yard, passing the perfect lawn, but also allow to zone a space. The proximity of stone with water is the basic ideological concept of this method of close to the house land arrangement.
Small reservoirs or water containers, styled on mini-fountains are present in several areas of the yard. The presence of smooth pebbles near the water is no accident, because such ideas come from nature itself.

Near the small reservoirs it is necessarily to provide place for recreation. Small wooden benches in the warm shades of tan look great on the background of many shades of gray.

The presence of large rough stones allows the general mood of the site to merge with nature more.

The greens of various kinds is present everywhere. Depending on the location in relation to the sun, the plants can be planted even in the shaded and damp places. It is only important to determine the correct varieties.

A large body of water in the area is the very embodiment of Zen. Imitation of waterfalls, water lilies in the water and as quasi hovering in the air bridge across the mini-pond create a sense of fairy tranquility.

At night, all paths and stairs are lit to safety and giving the appearance of a magical courtyard.