The best color for the bedroom walls is the one you like. Now you just need to figure out which.

Probably gray?

Judging by the name of the famous romance novel, gray color of the walls in the bedroom is more than welcome.
We’re talking about all its shades — from the barely visible white subtone to the saturated graphite gray.

The denser the shade, the great chance that it will act as an accent wall (picture below). However, you must admit that total anthracite in the bedroom looks very impressive.

If you pair anthracite with the white walls, the bedroom design will even seem airy. And the bright color accents, like paintings or linen, can be changed to suit your mood.

In the photo, you can see an example with medium-intensity gray. This is a great color for the walls of a small bedroom: it creates a cocoon effect, wraps and soothes.

Tip: To determine the color combination in this photo, open it in full screen mode and click the rainbow icon “determine the color” in the top right corner.

And here is a light gray option: it can be used as a background for ornamented textile (we mean not only the headboard, but also the curtains).

Can’t you choose between gray and beige?

You don’t have to, use both. Gray and beige get along great. It is reasonable to choose the light color of the walls in the bedroom with light furniture (for example, cream shade). Add gold and anthracite to the accent wall behind the headboard.

Reverse illustration: gray is used in the bed and bedspread, while the color of the wallpaper adds the desired shade of beige to the bedroom. Please note that the wood paneling is a cross between beige and gray.

Which beige is right?

For example, in wooden houses, the “beige walls” appear on their own. However, yellowish color of a sauna is not what we want. Therefore, designers prefer to cover the clapboard, beam and any options of a wooden paneling (they give color and don’t close the texture).

Quite often, wallpaper forms a beige color of the walls in the bedroom. The tip is simple: take into account not only the basic tone, but also the additional one. Thus, in this photo, blue accents resonate with the purple textile of the headboard. However, if you’d use beige on beige, the interior would lose its appeal.

Light walls

This is a sure version, if you want to paint the walls in the bedroom neutral light (for example, peachy-pink) to give healthy reflexes to the face in any light. Cozy atmosphere and comfort are guaranteed.

Warm colors vs cool colors

Green walls in the bedroom are an absolute favorite. Let’s consider how the designers use different tones of green in the interiors. Usually, they choose warm or cold shades. It depends on the side of light the room faces. The eastern rays of the morning sun have a lot of blue, and the sunset ones are filled with yellowness. If you look at the warm shade of the walls in the bluish light, the color will change (often not for the better).

How to use it in practice, when choosing the color of the bedroom walls? Let’s say: setting sun can be easily ignored. The most of the working week, the sunset will come before you get to bed. By and large, the color temperature of the natural light doesn’t matter (the influence of artificial light is much more important).

And here is if you have eastern windows, it is better to choose cool colors (as in the photo). Cold light will argue with the rich warm shades.

Rich colors vs whitened

If you are afraid of saturated shades of green, you can choose the whitened colors for the bedroom walls. They are suitable for both classic and modern interior design.

In the case of pastel shades, it is especially important to choose interesting color combinations. Which? We will show you an example of soft green.

Sphagnum + pink + brown

Another beautiful color for the bedroom walls is mossy shade. It goes well with dusty pink, burgundy and brown. For several seasons in a row, designers use it in fashionable interiors.

Sphagnum + mustard and Bordeaux

What this illustrates is that not only the color of the bedroom walls can solo in the interior. Mentally remove the carpet and blanket, and the room will not seem as bright as it is now.

Which ornament?

Sometimes, the color of the bedroom walls is determined not by the basic shade of the wallpaper, but by the color of their ornament. Squint, and you will hardly call this wall white.

If you can’t choose a specific color of the walls — try to focus on the ornament.

Red walls in the bedroom

They say that scarlet excites and doesn’t let you fall asleep. Perhaps, it is true (but only during the day). But imagine that in the evening twilight, this crimson dye turns dark brown. But the lamps locally capture the fragments of orange-brown walls. There will be nothing invigorating in such environment. And on the contrary, in the morning, scarlet color will help you to cheer up and wake up. 

Are you afraid? Then it is better to hide a rich scarlet color behind the headboard. This is one of the most common tips for the bedroom.

Dark colors in a small bedroom

In European projects, only blueberry and purple can compete in popularity with green. These two shades are most often used for decoration of rooms-boxes, enveloping and lulling.