Report, presentation, review, abstract are integral parts of obtaining admission before defense of the thesis. Starting preparing the thesis work, you should know that after you write it you will need a report and presentation for defense, as well as a review for the paper, opinion of the supervisor, and an abstract (a brief summary of thesis).

Report is a kind of research work in which the author reveals the problem essence, leads to different points of view and his own views on it. This kind of paper work is written in scientific or academic style.

In most cases, report writing has a following structure:

  1. Definition of the topic of the work (it must be interesting and original).
  2. Relevance of the study (why this topic is interesting, what issues have not been addressed, etc.).
  3. Purpose of the work (description in general terms).
  4. Task (specific objective).
  5. Hypothesis (written as if the work is experimental).
  6. Methodology (description of the action needed to get results).
  7. Results (summary of information received by academic researcher during the experiment or observation).
  8. Conclusions (a brief description of the results and identified trends).

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