June 13, saw a release the Marvel series yearbook called Two-in-One. There we were finally explained what was the reason for the change in the character of Victor von doom.

During the events of Secret Wars, Victor von Doom was literally a God, the ruler of the Battleworld planet, woven from fragments of once-existing worlds. Reed Richards managed to get everything back to its place, creating a new main Marvel universe. Victor von Doom was still in the changed world, but he was no longer a villain (and he has got his face back). Victor rethought his life, deciding to become a hero. Impressed by what Tony stark had done, Doom even called himself the new Iron man when Tony went into a coma. We have talked about this in detail in a separate material.

Fans did not immediately take a new image of Victor von Doom (like the entire marvel universe) — no one could understand why he decided to change. Victor himself explained this by the fact that, becoming a God, he realized his mistakes and decided to use his opportunities to help people. This explanation did not suit everyone, but the audience accepted it, and Doom-superhero has even helped Avengers over the past year.

You could probably notice mutilated Victor on the pages of the recent anniversary edition of the Invincible Iron Man series. The fans decided that this was the beginning of his imminent return to the image of the villain, but it is still unknown what will happen to Victor in the future.

The writer of the Two-in-One Chip Marvel series Zdarsky tried to explain what prompted Doom to change the character. Oddly enough, the reason was Reed Richards.

Marvel’s Two-in-one Annual reveals the final part of Secret Wars. When Richards took the Doom’s force, he thought what he should do with Victor because he would inevitably try to get revenge. Reid knew that their confrontation would be eternal as long as one of them was alive. So he changed the memories of Doom, impressing upon him the fact that he had died.

Realizing this, Viktor changed. He realized that his enemy did not exist anymore. Therefore his ability and knowledge could be directed to other areas, including helping people. That is, Victor was originally a hero if it was not for Reed Richards. The mere presence of Mr. Fantastic was the cause of those ways that Doom chose.

Doom sees another reed Richards from the Council of Reeds-a multiversity organization that consists of Richards of different worlds. They are looking for ways to develop the future of the entire Multiverse.

In the final part of the Yearbook, Victor did not tell Ben Grim that his Reed Richards was actually alive. However, he finds it out in a new comic book series about the Fantastic four, which will be released in August 2018. So, what will happen to Victor now when he knows that Reed Richards is alive? Will he become Doctor Doom again?