Private jet rental

In business aviation charter flight is performed in the time you need. On-order jet is at your disposal for the leased period. You will be able to arrive at a particular airport, make the necessary appointments, and then to go back on the same plane.

A private plane will be specially prepared for you with all the necessary services for work and comfortable trip. A private plane is no longer a novelty, and these services are provided by many companies all around the world.

The convenience of this service is that you can order a plane just when you need it, rather than waiting on a fixed schedule from the existing airlines. You can schedule meetings in various remote areas of the world and do not depend on the schedules of the airlines. You are planning a meeting, and air carrier matches with the plan of your journey, but not vice versa.

Using the services of airlines you plan your appointments based on the schedules of their flights, which can damage the success of your other plans, aircraft rent frees you from such difficulties. In addition, a private jet can be equipped according to your individual order, so you would not be out of work during the flight. Renting a private jet has the best quality-to-price ratio.

Airlines also offer charter flights. VIP-charter is a flight that for a certain period will allow you to become full owner of the aircraft, and thus independently correct departure time, route, date, and other details. Signing the contract, the parties prescribe the conditions for cooperation and the duration of the charter lease.

Organizing charter for VIP-persons is an easy job, but it is giving a lot of advantages. First, on board the VIP-charter food and high quality service are organized. Second, charter flight passengers can pass the passport control zone proactively through VIP-halls. There will be a private transport served to the ramp. If necessary, the list of services will be adjusted according to the needs of each customer.

Personal security and privacy are conditions which are priority for a sufficiently large part of the customers. Flight information is available only to the client and a limited number of employees who are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of known to them data. In addition, aircraft rent excludes the possibility of the undesirable people’s presence on board. Your “neighbors” during the flight will only be passengers invited by you, flight attendants and crew. This is particularly topical for representatives of show business and dignitaries.